Medical equipment

Some of the medical equipment available on our Air Ambulance missions

Zoll X series

is the optimal device for patient transport, offering pacing and advanced monitoring features that include12-lead capabilities.

Ventilator Oxylog 3000 plus

offering high ventilation performance with features such as AutoFlow® integrated capnography
and non-invasive Ventilation.


enables you to provide optimal ventilation therapy to all patient groups during transport, from the neonate to the adult.

LAMSYSTEM X-BIO Portable isolator

is a mobile designed for transfer of persons potentially infected with especially dangerous diseases or of patients infected with microbiological substances.

Syringe Pump B-Braun

syringe infusion pump for all kinds of clinical used. From hospital to home care and home care facilities.
Perfusor® Space can be configured to a tailor-made solutions as individual pumps, small therapy units, or a complex infusion system.


the disposable canister snaps easily and eliminates the need for annoying external hoses, which could slow down the rescue procedure.

Transport Incubator David Medical TI-2000

two temperature control modes: Air mode and Baby mode controlled by micro-computer – Use AC Power and DC Power alternatively, DC 12V or DC 24V Power on the ambulance – Set temperature, air temperature, baby temperature and internal battery voltage can be displayed separately.

Vacuum mattresses and pressure relief cushions

to prevent the appearance of pressure sores in bedridden persons, we provide many models of Anti-decubitus mattresses, in memory foam.


sterilization system uses a low-speed pump to continuously and continuously supply disinfection solution.

Emergency Bags

for adult and child
complete consumable and emergency drugs.

Multiparametric Zoll X series monitors

With defibrillator and 12-lead external electro systolic drive. the X Series offers all the functionality of a high-end monitor for all patients, newborns and adults.

Oxylog 3000 Plus Respirators

Offering high ventilation performance, as well as Auto Flow, integrated capnography and non-invasive ventilation.

Bubble stretcher LAM SYSTEM X-BIO

For transporting patients on a containment bubble for stretcher, a new product on the market adapted to infectious diseases patients (COVID-19).

12 B-Braun electric syringes

Designed for chromatographic and analytical applications, the B-Braun electric syringes includes an external transportable electronic infusion syringes pump accessories

4 Laerdal LCSU4 mucus aspirators

The disposable canister snaps easily and eliminates the need for annoying external hoses which could slow down the rescue procedure.

David Medical TI-2000 incubator

Air mode and baby mode controlled by microcomputer.
It can also be equipped with >37° temperature set function.

4 Shell mattresses and anti-decubitus cushions

To prevent the appearance of pressure sores in bedridden persons, we provide many models of anti-decubitus mattresses, in memory foam.


Disinfectant diffusion device for nocolysis.
Application range is from 10 to 1000 m³ without risk of corrosion due to dry vaporization

Emergency Bags

5 adult and child full consumable emergency bags and emergency drugs to counter the critical situation.
Our experts custom emergency bags to meet exact specifications.


Combines the functionality of a fully featured intensive care unit ventilator with the compactness and ruggedness required for transport. Enables to provide optimal ventilation therapy to adult. pediatric, and neonatal patients during transport.

Our Accreditations

At AOM Air Ambulance we comply with the highest international standards in Critical Care Advanced Life support and flight safety.
The accreditations and ratings that we earned are the stamps of quality of our services. Read more

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